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Parsing with SASAX

About this tutorial

The purposes of this tutorial are:

I strongly recommend you to read step by step from first section to last section, because some explanations explained in earler sections may not be explained in later.

Source and sample input files for tutorials are placed at "src/demo/sasax/src" and "src/demo/sasax/file" in distribution.

ATTENTION: Class diagrams and sample source codes shown in this tutorial give higer priority to simpleness of explanation than to exact sameness with distributed source.

I wish you do not confuse between one in this tutorial and another in distribution.

NOTE: This tutorial consists of large HTML pages, because it gives higer priority to information browsability in single page than to page compactness.

Which would you like large one, or not ?

Table of contents

Simple element

parse simple element having text.

Composite element

parse composite element consisting of elements having text.

Hook of parsing

NEW explanation of utilities to parse XML document.

Element repetition

parse repetition of element having text.

Custom element

define custom element for un-marshaling from XML document.

Element choise

parse runtime determined element.

Custom validation

customize validation of value like as one in XML Schema

Validation control

NEW control value validation process of ValueElement

Path handling

handling information of hierarchy in XML document